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Cross Border Information:

Vehicles originating in the state of California, can only be driven within the states of Arizona, California, and Nevada. MEX Rent a Car vehicles are not allowed to drive into Mexico Cities/States.

Useful Information

Included in the Price

•Unlimited mileage (except Florida residents, with limited mileage).


•Airport Service Fee

•Grace Period - A rental day is each 24 hour time period commencing with the date/time indicated on the rental agreement (contract) at the time of rental. There is a 59 minutes grace period for return. After this grace period full-day charge may apply.

•Free Additional Driver

Payment Details

The main driver of the car rental contract must be the cardholder of one of the following valid credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa creditcard.

MEX Rent a Car does not accept payment by Cash, Pre-paid credit cards, Laser, Maestro, Any Visa Debit, or Switch cards. Your credit card must have available funds of estimated amount of rental charges plus $150. At time of rental, credit card funds will be taken as a deposit against rental charges. All required available funds will be captured as a deposit at time of rental. Unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor after vehicle return. Due to bank processing, it can take between 2 to 5 business days to appear on your account when using this form of payment.

In the event that you fail to present a valid credit card or lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card for excess and the security deposit stated on this voucher, car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.

Fuel policy

The car rental provider will provide you with a specific level of fuel and you will need to return the vehicle with the same level. Please make sure you check the level reading when you pick up the car.

Missing fuel will be charged on your return. The price per litre charged by the rental agent may be significantly higher than the price at the local service station.

Fuel charges are payable at the rental desk.